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Thanks to our Open House volunteers and donors!

SSCO thanks the Block Patrol volunteers who planned, organized and staffed the 2015 Stevens Square Police Substation Open House!

Thanks also to those who donated to the event:
Skip Thaler, owner of 1905 1st Ave
Boiler Room Coffee, 1820 3rd Ave
Cub Foods, 5937 Nicollet Ave
CVS, 2001 Nicollet Ave
Finer Meat, 3747 Nicollet Ave
Franklin Nicollet Liquor, 2012 Nicollet Ave
French Meadow, 2610 Lyndale Ave
Kleinman Realty, manager of 1905 1st Ave
Lunds, 1450 West Lake St
Lyon's Pub, 16 South 6th St
McDonald's, 2400 Nicollet Ave
SuperAmerica, 2200 Lyndale Ave
Wuollet Bakery, 3608 West 50th St

"The Stevens Square Police Substation Open House was definitely a huge success with a great turn out, great food, lots of conversations, and beautiful weather. On behalf of the entire 5th Precinct, thanks to SSCO and its volunteers for putting on the event and for your continued support and friendship!"
Inspector Todd Loining, Minneapolis Police 5th Precinct

2014 Community Safety plan

How can SSCO's Safety committee and Block Patrol be enhanced to better cope with the needs of the community? Click here to view the 2014 Community Safety plan.




2013 Building Safety Improvement Program

SSCO has amended the guidelines of its Building Safety Improvement program to include funding for surveillance camera systems. Through matching grants, this program supports the efforts of residential property owners and tenants to improve the safety and security of their buildings and surroundings. Please click here to read program guidelines and details.

Our neighborhood at a glance

Welcome to Stevens Square—Loring Heights, a vibrant neighborhood located in the shadow of downtown Minneapolis. A centrally-located park, tree-lined blocks of brick apartment buildings, and a post-card view of downtown make Stevens Square the Brooklyn of the Midwest. This geographically small urban enclave boasts one of the highest densities of any metro neighborhood.

Location Read more »

Block Patrol

Block Patrol is a group of trained volunteers who:
• patrol the streets of Steven Square - Loring Heights observing activity in the neighborhood.
• are interested in coming together socially to meet other neighbors and to learn more about the neighborhood.
• want to reduce criminal activity in the neighborhood.
• act as an extra set of eyes and ears for the police department.
• help organize residents as a preventive force to deter criminal and disruptive behavior.

Block Patrol is open to all individuals 18 years and older. Prospective volunteers must complete an application, agree to follow the established guidelines, and attend a two-hour orientation session and patrol. Volunteers are asked to participate for at least two hours per month. To join Block Patrol, contact Dave at (612) 874-2840 or Read more »

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The area south of what is the Minneapolis Central Business District was platted in 1856. Two property owners, Richard J. Mendenhall and Dr. Nathan B.Hill, owned most of the surrounding land which they developed as a residential neighborhood made up of a few large, single family homes. These large residential lots and "country estates" ensured that the Stevens Square area remained stable during periodic, speculative real-estate booms.